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Traffic Incident Report (AACO Police Department RAVEN Form)

RAVEN (Reckless Aggressive Vehicle Enforcement Notification)


The Anne Arundel County Police Department encourages citizens to contact the police department when there are violations of the traffic laws of Maryland observed within a community by concerned citizens. Outside the normal means of notifying the department of such incidents is by filing what is called a Raven letter. Speeding, driving on the wrong side of the roadway, failing to yield to pedestrians, etc. are all examples of when a Raven form could be utilized.

Filing a Raven letter can be done by calling the the AAAPD Southern District Traffic Coordinator (410-222-1960) or by notifying BHCA Board of Directors of said incident by completing the form below so the information can be relayed to Officer Zoerman and Officer Wood. Any questions can be directed the BHCA Board of Directors at

Complaints can be made anonymously. Please note, this notification is not a legal document. This notice is intended to assist motorists in correcting any problems related to the operation of vehicles within the county.

Thank you for your assistance in making Anne Arundel County safer for all motorists.

Traffic Incident Report

Complete the form below to report a traffic incident in Bay Highlands. The BHCA Board of Directors will forward the incident report to Officer Wood and Officer Zoerman. You can also submit the information directly to AACO Police Department by calling the AAAPD Southern District Traffic Coordinator (410-222-1960).

Thanks for submitting the form. The BHCA Board of Directors will share your report with the patrolling officers for Bay Highlands.

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