BHCA leverages ad hoc committees to address specific issues or ventures. Below are a list of the current committees with specific areas of responsibility.

We encourage residents to join a committee so we can all work together to make Bay Highlands a community to be proud of. If you are interested in joining a committee, please contact the BHCA Board of Directors at or contact the committee chair directly.

Bylaws Review Committee

Melanie Shacka, Chair

The Bylaws Review Committee is charged with reviewing the current BHCA Bylaws and providing revision recommendations in preparation for this year's General Membership Meeting. If you are interested in being part of the discussion, please contact BHCA Secretary Melanie Shacka at

Near-Term Improvements

Russell Williams, Chair

Tree Maintenance – Evaluate and recommend any near-term tree, shrub, forest floor maintenance required for BHCA property, such as trimming/removal.

Facility Maintenance – Evaluate and recommend any near-term facilities and equipment maintenance required for BHCA property, such as kayak rack, picnic tables, boat ramp, etc.

Communications – Evaluate and recommend any changes to BHCA website, social media, and information dissemination procedures.

Stormwater Management – Evaluate and recommend next steps for addressing stormwater management problems on BHCA property, such as standing water at the park along Washington Avenue and where the park abuts homeowner properties along Bay Highlands Drive, etc.

Road Signs – Evaluate and recommend any near-term repair, replacement, and/or enhancements of BHCA road signs, such as entrance, street, stop, speed hump signs, etc.

Quality of Life

Tony Bocchichio, Chair

Masterplan – Evaluate and organize information from the previous BHCA 2015 survey and masterplan efforts, and recommend next steps for advancing the initiative.

Amenities – Evaluate and recommend any new and/or enhanced amenities for near-term implementation or inclusion in the upcoming FY 2021 budget.

Community Engagement – Evaluate and recommend ways to improve community engagement and help build sense of community, such as events, outreach and support programs, enhanced communications, etc.

Capital Plan

Service Contracts – Identify existing service contracts (e.g. grass cutting, snow plowing) and potential new service contracts and make recommendations regarding: Purpose; Scope of Work, Recurrence, Term of contract; Cost; Other.

Capital Plan – Evaluate historical and anticipated capital needs, such as utilities, snow plowing, tree maintenance, stormwater management, amenities, roads, etc. And develop a draft 10-year capital plan to include both necessary improvements and potential enhancements, with an outline of: Item Description; Category; Recurrence; Initial Year of Implementation; and Cost, and projected.

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