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Following are the local ordinances that were adopted by the Bay Highlands Civic Association in 1990. Please contact the Board of Directors with any questions.


Speed limit on Bay Highlands Avenue is 25 mph. On all other roads, the speed limit is 15 mph. Obey all traffic signs.

No parking is permitted at any time by anyone on any Road, Avenue, Drive, or paved thoroughfare in the community.

Trash, garbage and other refuse must be placed in covered metal or plastic containers.  Any debris tending to serve as a breeding place for mosquitoes, pests or rodents must be removed immediately.

Between sunrise and sunset, all loud noise must be contained within the decibel limits set by County Code.


No hunting permitted anywhere within the Bay Highlands Community.


No commercial building of any kind permitted within the Bay Highlands Community.


Obey County leash laws as set by the Anne Arundel County Animal Control Laws & Services.


All Anne Arundel County governing regulations are in full force and effect in the Bay Highlands Community.




Augusta and Aldridge parks may be used by community residents and guests of residents during daylight hours.


Dogs are allowed in the parks; however, dog owners should keep dogs leashed when small children are at play.


Dog owners must pick up after their pets.


Residents and guests must take all trash with them or throw it away in the park receptacle.



The community boat ramp is to be used by residents, tenants and guests of Bay Highlands only. Guests must be accompanied by a community member.


Keys to the gate may be obtained from the Bay Highlands Civic Association.


There is a one-hour limit for tying boats to the dock. Overnight tie-ups are strictly prohibited.


Tie-ups in the boat launch area are prohibited.


Members using the dock to fish or crab must remove all material when they leave. Tying of crabbing or fishing gear to dock prohibited.


Hunting is strictly prohibited.


Parking in the ramp area is strictly prohibited. Violators will be towed.

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