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2021 BHCA Board of Directors Elections

BHCA Annual General Membership Meeting

Monday, July 19, 2021 at 7:00pm

Bay Ridge Christian Church (1071 Bay Ridge Road)

What BHCA positions are open? How long are the terms?

The Bay Highlands Civic Association (BHCA) has seven (7) open seats for the BHCA Board of Directors.


According to the BHCA Bylaws that were adopted on April 12, 2021, half of the directors will serve a one year term and the other half will serve a two year term to get us on a rotating election cycle. After this one year term for half of the directors, all directors will be elected to two year terms on alternating years.


  • The President, Secretary, and one Member-at-Large will be elected to serve a one year term.

  • The Vice President, Treasurer, and two Members-at-Large will be elected to serve a two year term.

Who is eligible to serve on the BHCA Board of Directors?

Anyone whose name appears as a Bay Highlands property owner on State of Maryland records is considered a member of Bay Highlands Civic Association and is eligible to serve on the board. Members who maintain their principle residence in Bay Highlands are eligible to be officers. Members-at-Large may maintain their principle residence outside Bay Highlands. (Property records determine principle residence.)

How do I submit a nomination? When is the nomination deadline?

Early nominations were due June 4th. If there are no nominations submitted for a position prior to the BHCA Annual General Membership Meeting, nominations can be accepted from the floor the day of the election.

Who is eligible to vote? How will ballots be submitted this year?

Election ballots will be mailed to all property owners at the end of June. Ballots may be submitted at the Annual General Membership Meeting on July 19, 2021. If you are unable to attend the meeting in person, please submit your election ballot to 3241 Washington Avenue on or before the meeting.

Other questions?

If you have any other questions, please refer to Articles VI and VII of the BHCA Bylaws (2021) or email the BHCA Secretary at

2021 Nominees


Bill Mykins

Current BHCA President.

Vice President


Melanie Shacka

I currently serve as BHCA Secretary. During this last term, I focused on improving communication with property owners and residents, updating distribution lists, creating a community directory, and organizing BHCA Board of Directors records. I also served on committees of the board to purchase a new kayak rack and replace the boat ramp gate at Aldridge Park, and led the revision of the BHCA bylaws. If re-elected, I would like to continue to improve communication frequency.

I currently serve on boards with two other organizations. We have a growing family and are excited to see Bay Highlands flourish in the years to come.


Lynne Beefelt

I moved to Bay Highlands in July of 1997 and truly enjoy living in our quaint little community. When I moved to Annapolis, I was looking for a small, quiet, friendly community that was close to the water. We’re lucky to call Bay Highlands home.


In my professional life I work for SAIC as an IT Program Manager; I’ve spent nearly 30 years as a contractor to the Federal government; first as a developer and now as a manager for software development projects.  In my free time I like to garden, take walks with my golden retriever “Dutch” and work on the endless number of projects around my house.


I’ve served two terms as Treasurer and I’m running for 3rd and final term. I’ve learned that the responsibilities of the Treasurer go beyond paying bills, preparing monthly reports for the Board and compiling the annual budget for community approval. The position requires making sure that BHCA complies with Anne Arundel County Code for the funding, operations and reporting of Special Community Benefits Districts.


My nature is to be fiscally conservative, but I do believe that it is important to sensibly invest in the community and maintain the beauty of Bay Highlands.


In my first term as BHCA Treasurer I sought out opportunities to improve earnings on our cash that is set aside for future use. I proposed to the Board to upgrade BHCA’s savings account to Platinum and purchase an 18-month CD. Until August of 2020 we were able to benefit from higher interest rates on our savings while the pandemic caused interest rates to crash. If re-elected as Treasurer I will continue to perform the duties of Treasurer as detailed in BHCA by-laws and look for opportunities to securely advance our financial position.

Members-at-Large (3)

Tom O'Hara

I have attended every board meeting for the last four years. Had input on many topics that
affect the community. Helped repair and upgrade community property. Advised the Board of
community members concerns. 

Laura Townsend

I'd like to become more involved in community stuff. I have served on a number of non-profit boards in the past. (I'm on one other currently.)

No nominees

Nominations will be accepted at the floor of the Annual General Membership Meeting.

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