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During mosquito season, the Mosquito Control Section of Maryland's Department of Agriculture conducts routine ULV spraying to help with mosquito control in participating communities. Each community is assigned a specific night of the week.


Due to COVID-19 and state hiring freezes, ULV fogging will be extremely limited this year to disease control and exceptionally high-density population. The state is hoping to notify us by noon on Mondays if they'll be spraying our community, but is unsure if they'll be able to feasibly do so.

2020 BHCA Fogging Details:

  • Due to COVID-29, State of Maryland agencies are under a hiring freeze. They are able to perform very limited laviciding activities. In June they will begin our population and disease monitoring program. Unless the hiring freeze is lifted, ULV fogging for adult mosquitoes will be limited to disease case response and exceptionally high population density of adults, to be determined on a case by case basis. (See full notice linked below.)

  • Our community's assigned night is Monday

    • BHCA will only ever be fogged on Monday nights during the 2020 season, except in possible case of disease response.

  • Fogging can occur anytime between 7:00 PM and 2:30 AM.

    • The fog program will begin June 3.​

    • October 6 is the estimated last day of fogging for 2020.

  • Residents who do not want their property to be fogged may file an exemption form.​

  • Please stay indoors while fogging operations are being conducted.

Documents from MD Department of Agriculture:

Additional Information:

For further information, visit the Maryland website:

For information on the products used:

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